Ups & Downs

  • Third-party reviews are generally positive.
  • It is completely safe as payment transactions are made as a result of verification.
  • The results of all games are verifiable and fair.
  • Winning promotions
  • Great VIP program
  • 1,000+ games
  • No anonymous gambling whatsoever. Account verification is required.
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Currently, it is seen that tens of thousands of bookmakers around the world are betting on various internet sites. Especially those who transaction with crypto money are looking for betting sites where they can deposit/withdraw such money. Roobet manages to attract the attention of bettors with its quality infrastructure and wide casino options.

Bet lovers’ transactions with cryptocurrencies can invest/withdraw without any problems. In addition, Roobet has 5 different language options: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Serbian. In this way, bookies from many parts of the world can easily navigate the site.

Roobet Casino

It can be said that there are many quality games with high graphics in Roobet casino games. These include all popular games such as poker, slots, and baccarat. One of the most remarkable games of the site is undoubtedly Crash. With this game, bettors can win a lot of money in a short time. In general, Roobet site hosts more than 1000 casino games. 

Thanks to provable games, bettors do not have any confidence problems. Roobet also gives you the opportunity to trade with fake money before trading with real money in games. This makes the betting process enjoyable.

Is Roobet Safe?

‘Is Roobet safe?’ The question is one of the questions asked by bookmakers lately. The answer to this question would undoubtedly be ‘yes’. The vast majority of reviews of the platform conclude that the site is safe. KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti-money laundering) systems have a great impact on the site’s security. 

Another aspect that provides security is that Roobet is a licensed betting platform. Roobet site has been licensed in Curacao since its establishment. Therefore, the bookmaker is regularly audited by the commission. Thus, bookies experience major security problems neither in their bets nor in their payouts.

Roobet Promo Code

There are some promotional codes on various websites belonging to the Roobet site. Betting players try to take advantage of the promotions offered by the site by accessing the Roobet promo code. This method, which is preferred by many bookies, allows free bets.

But after doing long research on websites, something more sensible can be done than accessing promotional codes. This thing is to become a member of the Roobet VIP club. Roobet bettors who are members of the VIP club can take advantage of the opportunities continuously, not periodically.

Casino Bonus


7 Day 20% Cashback Offer

Roobet Payment 

Roobet payment system is a very successful service. It is seen that only three cryptocurrencies are used on the betting site. Additively, the Roobet recently introduced its own cryptocurrency. This currency is called Roobido. Cryptocurrencies used on the platform can be listed as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. 

Based on the hourly changing exchange rate of the platform’s own cryptocurrency, Roobido, it is equal to one dollar in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Roobido is available to bettors on the website and all games provided by third-party partners. Each withdrawal on the betting platform is done in the form of Roobido. For example, a player who deposits $100 worth of Bitcoin receives 100 Roobido. There is an automatic swap for Roobido and other cryptocurrencies.

Roobet Customer Service

One of the common features of quality online betting platforms is that they are easily accessible sites. Roobet customer service offers a successful service in the field of communication. Bettors who are members of the site have different options to contact the platforms.

In this context, it is seen that the live support line is mainly used. The bettors logging into the web page will see the live support box. The bettors can also send an e-mail to the platform if they wish. Customer representatives will return to the bookies as soon as possible.

Roobet Promotions

It is possible to say that the Roobet site is one of the sites with the most interesting promotions. Bettors spend a pleasant and quality time with Roobet promotions. After mentioning the Roobet promotions, detailed information about the promotions can be given:

  • King of Roo
  • VIP Club

King of Roo is basically a competition organized by Roobet and announced to punters. Bettors can become King of Roo by placing a minimum bet of 1 Roobido here, reaching a multiplier of 100 or more in any slot game.

The other promotion is the VIP club. It is not enough to just pass the verification processes to join this club. It is also necessary to receive an invitation to join the club. Gifts are constantly distributed in the VIP club. There is no sequencing in the distribution phase so that unfair situations do not occur. 

Roobet Pros and Cons

Roobet pros and cons can be mentioned. Let’s start with the pluses first:


  • Third-party reviews are generally positive.
  • It is completely safe as payment transactions are made as a result of verification.
  • The results of all games are verifiable and fair.
  • Easy calculation opportunity thanks to the tools on the web page.
  • Seamless access from computer and phone.
  • Winning promotions


  • Unable to access from every place.
  • No anonymous gambling whatsoever. Account verification is required.

The pros and cons of Roobet are very useful in giving an idea of the bettors’ preferences. The pros outweigh the cons, increasing the preferability of Roobet.


At the conclusion of the review, it is seen that Roobet is a very suitable platform for the crypto money transactions of bookmakers. The most distinctive feature of the platform is that they use its own Roobido currency. Using its own cryptocurrency makes the payment processes at Roobet much safer.

KYC and AML policies help create a quality betting environment where only real people trade on the site. In this way, it is not possible for anonymous accounts to affect the betting process of real bettors.

Finally, Roobet provides its services in a completely legal way. Thanks to the security measures on the site, the information of the bettors is never shared with third parties. The fact that the service provided and the policies followed are completely transparent ensures that the bettors who are members of the site trust Roobet.

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