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Tom A. Foster
June 21, 2023
Best Bitcoin Casinos Welcome Bonuses

One of the most common bonuses on betting platforms is undoubtedly the welcome bonus. Thanks to the welcome bonus, punters are entitled to a large number of free bets. Many bookies already look at the welcome bonus in their site preferences. In this respect, successful betting sites in terms of welcome bonuses are always one step ahead for bettors. The content of the welcome bonus varies from site to site. 

On some platforms, punters can receive a welcome bonus after depositing a certain amount of money. In order to receive the welcome bonus, bettors must fill in their account information completely. Some platforms also offer a no deposit welcome bonus. However, these sites are very few in number. Generally, the welcome bonus is a campaign that helps punters have fun betting processes.

22Bet Welcome Bonuses

Bookmakers receive a welcome bonus when they become a member of online betting sites. But, this bonus is not available on all sites. Bettors often turn to sites where they can get a welcome bonus. The 22Bet welcome bonus is available to members with an attractive offer. 

The site offers a welcome bonus of up to 122 EUR for sports betting. In order to receive this bonus, bettors must deposit a certain amount of money on the site beforehand. Afterwards, bettors receive a welcome bonus from the site in line with the money investment made.

Betwinner Welcome Bonuses

The Betwinner welcome bonus is offered to bettors in two different categories. These categories are sports and casinos. For sports bets, punters are given a bonus of up to 100 EUR on the first deposit. For casino games, this amount goes up to 300 EUR. 

Bettors have to choose which bonus they prefer during registration. After the selection is made, together with the membership, the said bonus is defined in the accounts of the bettors. The minimum deposit required to receive the bonus is 1 EUR.

Megapari Welcome Bonuses

Megapari‘s move that attracts punters the most is undoubtedly the welcome bonus it offers. A Megapari welcome bonus offer of 1500 EUR + 150 Free Spins is available on the platform. Bettors can qualify for this bonus by creating an account on the website in a short time. 

The site states how much deposit is required to receive the bonus. Bettors who follow the referrals make a lot of free bets with the bonus they receive. Thus, the betting processes are enjoyable.

Mostbet Welcome Bonuses

On the Mostbet platform, bookies are offered a satisfying welcome offer. The Mostbet welcome bonus is awarded up to 125% of the first deposit, with a minimum of 2 EUR and a maximum of 300 EUR. In addition, bettors are given 250 free spins. 

Punters have to open an account with Mosbet in order to benefit from the relevant bonus. Every member who opens the account and makes the necessary money investment can benefit from the welcome bonus if they meet the conditions.

Bc.game Welcome Bonuses

In Bc.Game, bettors are given a welcome bonus with different content. Bettors have the chance to receive bonuses on their first four deposits. The amount of the bonus to be received is directly related to the investment made. Accordingly, Bc.game welcome bonuses can be listed as follows:

  • 1st Deposit Bonus – up to 180% bonus
  • 2nd Deposit Bonus – up to 200% bonus
  • 3rd Deposit Bonus – up to 220% bonus
  • 4th Deposit Bonus – up to 240% bonus

It is seen that the rules to be followed in each money investment are detailed on the website. Eligible bettors can enjoy bonuses without any hassle. 

BetAndYou Welcome Bonuses

BetAndYou is one of the most generous betting sites in terms of welcome bonuses. Punters who are new members of the platform are given a bonus of up to 1500 EUR in full. In addition to this bonus, 150 Free Spins are also offered. There are two things punters can do to get the BetAndYou welcome bonus

These include opening an account on the site and making a minimum investment of money. After these transactions, bettors request bonuses. The bonus definition is made in a short time for the bettors who have filled out their account information completely.

Stake.com Welcome Bonuses

While there are many bonuses and promotions available on the Stake platform, a Stake.com welcome bonus is not specifically offered to punters. But other advantages do make up for the lack of this bonus. The list of offers available to bettors is as follows:

  • Stake’s Weekly Giveaway ($50.000)
  • Stake’s Daily Races ($100.000)
  • Conquer The Casino ($50.000 in Prizes)
  • Stake’s 100 Billion Bets
  • Stake vs Eddie ($20.000 Prize Pool)
  • Evolution Random Drops ($5.000 in Prizes Every Week)
  • Casino Challenges
  • Everton VIP Package
  • The Level Up ($10.000 in Prizes Every Week)
  • Pragmatic Drops&Wins (Over $1.000.000 per month)
  • Major League Baseball – Primetime Double Winnings
  • UFC Split Decision Insurance
  • Multiplier Race
  • Slots Forum Challenge
  • The Return of The King

It is possible to access the terms of use of bonuses from the ‘promotions’ page on the website.

Sportsbet.io Welcome Bonuses

Even if some platforms do not offer a welcome bonus among betting sites, they are still in high demand. Sportsbet.io platform is one of the betting sites in this category. In particular, there is no Sportsbet.io welcome bonus on the platform. But thanks to other promotions available, bettors get the chance to get consistently high winnings. Campaigns that can be actively used are as follows:

  • EPL Fantasy League
  • Spinomenal Series Tournament
  • Raise the Odds and Heat Your Winnings Like a Bull at Rodeo
  • 2022 Qatar Road
  • Daily Live Casino Missions
  • E-Sports Extreme Offers
  • Share Your Coupon, Earn Rewards

The terms of use of bonuses can be accessed from the ‘promotions’ page on the main page of the site. You can also get information on the subject from the live support line. Check out casinos that offer no deposit bonuses.

Welcome Bonus FAQs

  • What is Casino Welcome Bonus?

    A casino welcome bonus can be incredibly rewarding for any new player! If you are new to the online gambling scene, a welcome bonus is a great way to get your feet wet. It’s like free money- what’s not to love? You will normally have to make an initial deposit, but that deposit could be generously matched or sometimes even tripled by the casino.

    With some extra funds in your pocket, it won’t be long before you feel confident enough to start making big gambles and try out some games that you otherwise wouldn’t have gotten around to playing.

  • How Does Welcome Bonuses Work?

    Welcome bonuses are a great way to start exploring a new online casino, sportsbook or casino platform. They provide players with extra funds to maximize their gaming experience and give them the opportunity to try out different games at no cost.

    Welcome bonuses can be in the form of free spins, money that you can use on games, or a combination of both. Generally, as part of these promotions, casinos enter into certain agreements with customers that must be adhered to in order for them to activate and use the bonus – things like wagering requirements, minimum deposit amounts and withdrawal limits.

    Fortunately, most online gambling providers offer comprehensive terms and conditions so customers can easily read up on what they need to do to receive their welcome bonus offers before starting their gaming journey.

  • How Do I Claim Welcome Bonus?

    Claiming a welcome bonus is a great way to kick-start your gaming experience. Some online casinos offer amazing bonuses, so it’s important to take the time to find one that matches your taste.

    All you need do is create an account, deposit into your account and make sure to meet the minimum requirements if there are any. Once you have done that, the welcome bonus is all yours! It couldn’t be easier than that – so start playing today with extra money in your pocket and reap the rewards of signing up with a casino!

  • What are the types of Welcome Bonuses?

    If you’re looking for an exciting way to kick off your casino, betting, or gaming experience, welcome bonuses are a great starting point! Welcome bonuses come in many shapes and sizes to suit everyone’s needs.

    The most popular type of welcome bonus is the no deposit bonus – this incentive allows you to try games without needing to put any money down.

    Alternatively, if you’re looking for further incentives regarding deposits, then a deposit match bonus may be for you. This type of bonus matches the deposit amount dollar-for-dollar up to an agreed-on limit specified by the provider. If free spins on slot games piques your interest, there’s also a welcome bonus that allows players to receive free spins upon signing up.

    Lastly, Cashback Welcome Bonuses are also available whereby players get a certain percent of their losses back when they hit a certain staking threshold as long as there were net losses within the previous few weeks.

    Whichever welcome bonus best suits you, we hope it’s the start of something amazing!

  • Can I Win Money with Welcome Bonus?

    If you’re looking for a fun and risk-free way to possibly win some extra cash, welcome bonuses could be the perfect choice for you!

    Welcome bonuses are offered by many online crypto casinos, and they allow you to play a few games or try some services without having to pay anything up front. You may find that with a bit of luck, you can actually walk away from your welcome bonus with extra money in your pocket – always a pleasant surprise!

    So if you’re feeling lucky and want to try something new, take advantage of those welcome bonuses and see how it goes!

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