What Is the Most Different Match Scores in Football History?

Tom A. Foster
September 5, 2022
Most Different Match Scores

It’s amazing how different some football matches can be. If you’ve ever watched an old game or a recent game, you know that there are many different ways to score a goal. But what are the most unusual football scores? Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Leicester City

In football, there are many games in which the result has been very different. These are often known as classics. 9-0 win by Manchester United over Ipswich Town in the 1994-95 season is one of the most notable examples of a high-scoring Premier League game. In this game, Andy Cole became the first player to score five goals in one match.

Los Angeles Rams

The Los Angeles Rams is tied for the most different match score in football history with the Pittsburgh Steelers. On October 22, 1950, the Rams defeated the Baltimore Colts 70-27. But, it was not a perfect match. In 1937, the Rams defeated the Giants by 75 points.

Washington Giants

On September 11, 2016, the New York Giants and Washington Giants played a match in New York. The Giants won the game, 21-23. The match was one of the most evenly matched in football history. The game was a classic game, but with a few twists and turns, it’s still one of the most memorable ones in the history of the game. Washington’s offense scored the first touchdown, but the Giants’ defense held it to just two points.

San Marino

The most strikingly different match scores in the history of football can be found in a couple of different matches. The first match was a 7-0 victory for Yugoslavia over-Faroe Island in 1991. The final goal was scored by Davor Suker in the 85th minute. Another example of a hugely different match score is 12-0 win by Germany over San Marino in 2006.


In the Oceania qualifying round of the 2002 FIFA World Cup, the Australian national football team played in the national team of American Samoa. The game took place at the International Sports Stadium in Coffs Harbour, Australia. The Australian team won the match 31-0 and broke the record for the most goals scored in an international match. This result was also the second highest ever scored in a single game.

American Samoa

American Samoa has a highly structured football system and a professional national side. The Football Federation of American Samoa also funds a grassroots football program. The enthusiasm for football in this country has never been greater.


The latest example is the match between Micronesia and Vanuatu. In the Pacific Games, Micronesia were beaten 46-0. The match took place in a tournament where the teams are not affiliated with the world football governing body, Fifa. As such, the teams compete in Under-23 competitions which double up as Olympic qualification.

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