Teams that made their mark at the European Championships

Tom A. Foster
September 5, 2022
Teams that made their mark at the European Championships

There are some countries that stand out among the teams that made their mark at the European Championship. The first countries to be mentioned in this context will be Germany and Spain. Both countries reached a happy ending in the European Championship 3 times. Italy and France followed them with two championships each.

Italy was also the winner of the last UEFA European Championship. Other countries that have won trophies in the European Championship are Russia, the Czech Republic, Portugal, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Greece.

In which countries have the European Championships been held so far?

The hosts of the European Championship, which has been held since 1960, can be found in the list below:

  • 1960 – France
  • 1964 – Spain
  • 1968 – Italy
  • 1972 – Belgium
  • 1976 – Yugoslavia
  • 1980 – Italy
  • 1984 – France
  • 1988 – West Germany
  • 1992 – Sweden
  • 1996 – England
  • 2000 – Belgium and Netherlands
  • 2004 – Portugal
  • 2008 – Austria and Switzerland
  • 2012 – Poland and Ukraine
  • 2016 – France
  • 2020 – Europe

Germany will host the UEFA European Championship, which will take place in 2024.

Top Scorers in European Championships

There are many different players who are top scorers in the European Championship, which has been organized for more than 60 years. The top scorers and number of goals in the European Championships held in recent years are as follows:

  • 1996: Alan Shearer, 5 gol
  • 2000: Savo Milošević ve Patrick Kluivert, 5 gol
  • 2004: Milan Baroš, 5 gol
  • 2008: David Villa, 4 gol
  • 2012: Fernando Torres, 3 gol
  • 2016: Antoine Griezmann, 6 gol
  • 2020: Cristiano Ronaldo ve Patrick Schick, 5 gol

In cases where goals are equal for the top scorer title, the number of matches played by the players is taken into account. Players who play fewer games and score more goals are at the top of the list.

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