Teams that made their mark at the Copa America

Tom A. Foster
September 5, 2022
Teams that made their mark at the Copa America

It is possible to mention some countries that stand out among the teams that made their mark at the Copa America. Here, the number of teams participating in the tournament, the cups they won, etc. is effective. Accordingly, some of the prominent teams of the tournament can be listed as follows:

  • Argentina
  • Uruguay
  • Brazil
  • Paraguay
  • Chile
  • Peru
  • Colombia
  • Bolivia
  • Ecvador
  • Mexico
  • Venezuela

Especially Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil are three of the must countries of Copa America. All of these countries have given many stars to world football.

Teams with the most champions at the Copa America

In the researches on the teams with the most champions at the Copa America, it is seen that Argentina and Uruguay are at the top. Argentina and Uruguay have reached the happy ending 15 times in this tournament. Brazil follows them with 9 championships.

Paraguay, Peru and Chile come after Brazil with 2 championships each. Colombia and Bolivia have also managed to win the Copa America once. The first champion of the Copa America, which was held in Argentina in 1916, was Uruguay.

Copa America’s Finals

Many final matches were played in Copa America, a tournament that has been held for many years. Here are some of the recent matches as part of the Copa America finals:

  • 2007, Venezuela: Brazil – Argentina (3-0)
  • 2011, Argentina: Uruguay – Paraguay (3-0)
  • 2015, Chile: Chile v Argentina (4-1) on penalties
  • 2016, USA: Chile v Argentina (4-2) on penalties
  • 2019, Brazil: Brazil – Ecuador (3-1)
  • 2021, Brazil: Argentina – Brazil (1-0)

The next Copa America date has been announced as 2024. This tournament will be held in Ecuador. Ecuador last hosted this tournament in 1993. In terms of squad quality, Brazil, Argentina and Chile seem to be the strongest candidates of the tournament in 2024.

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